Jinx Mylo is a 50-year-old autistic PhD Student in the School of Media & Communication at Bowling Green State University, where she is focused on how representation in popular culture affects attitudes toward non-dominant cultural groups. Before coming to BGSU, Jinx spent 3 years running a community acupuncture clinic for low-income people in Portland, Oregon and completed a Master’s degree in Film & Media Studies at Arizona State University. She also holds a Master’s in acupuncture, and spent 20 years working as a user experience designer and researcher in the web industry, including 8 years as the UX and Community Lead for the WordPress open source project where she spearheaded a number of inclusion initiatives. She rescues cats, never kills spiders, believes information should be free, loves Harvey GuillĂ©n’s acting choices, and wants people to wear a damn mask in indoor public spaces because covid-19 is still killing and disabling people on a daily basis.